Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon are swiftly moving themselves up in the psych ranks. Though i wasn't all that into their first release, their second Silver Tongued Sisyphus was quite impressive and their split with Lichens was more than promising. Now with their second venture for Kranky Lie In Light they've damn well asserted themselves as a forceful entity in the growing noise-psych hierarchy. This one is steeped in Krautisms, Amon Düül mechanics and Faustian tonality. The record shimmers with a light that befits the title but the most impressive factor is the power displayed in tracks like the album opener, "Krautwerk". The record buzzes and writhes with stynths full of bees and liquid stringed guitars melting into the hazy machinery of the 20th century ghost in the machine vocals. The whole thing as menacing and as beautiful as a cloud of wires and heat lightning that looms ominously in the West. I think its safe to say that this is the record in which Cloudland Canyon have found their niche and are quickly carving it wider. This is definitely one to watch in '08 as coming quickly on the heels of this record the band are putting out a split with RSTB fave Mythical Beast on Not Not Fun.

[MP3] Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk
[MP3] Cloudland Canyon - You & I

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Blogger Max said...

I haven't left a comment here before but should have because you always have great posts. Thanks for introducing me to another great band that I might have otherwise missed.

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