The Black Angels

The Black Angels return with a fury! Directions to See a Ghost, the band's second album finds them mining familiar territory but since hot-greased repeato shredded psych is pretty good footing to stand on that's never a bad thing. Though the basis remains the same blistering wall they're known for, the band have added a few distinct changes to Ghost. In amongst the blurred and charred remains of the Texan sun, there are classic eastern touches with sitar-like string work and the heated throb of organ. Elsewhere the beat of the Angels is heavy, drenched in a thick syrup of distortion and twisted into knots of urgent, sweating vocals. They even stretch out the brutality with one track hitting the 8 minute mark and a closer that pushes past 16. The band are again releasing this on Light in the Attic and hopes are high that the label will put as much care into the packaging as they did with Passover.

[MP3] The Black Angels - Doves
[MP3] The Black Angels - Deer-Ree-Shee

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i like this record a lot.

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