The Vermont collaboration continues, with the boys from Feathers again joining J.Mascis for a lesson in the history of Metal. This time the band drop down into 4th and kick the bike in gear, making speed almost as much as a factor as heaviness. Still thick with the vapor trail of Sabbath, Paralyzed is just a further evolution down the Metal chain; springing forward out of the asphalt jungles of 1978 and straight on into the desperate early 80's. But don't fret and don't fear, the boys (well men, I guess J. is pushing his mid 40's, eh) of Witch are too well versed in Metal's past to repeat any hair/speed based theatrics and this one definitely comes from the band's love of the form. Crushing riffs and the mighty pound that Mascis unleashes on his drums should be more than enough to satiate your thirst for heaviness this spring. I must admit I'm a little bummed to see the band leave the sludgy shores of the late 70's so early as I am a fan of that sound but all good things must evolve and so Witch has turned the corner gracefully.

[MP3] Witch - Space God
[MP3] Witch - Eye

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Blogger parallelliott said...

nice. i've seen witch play twice up in brattleboro vt, and they'll be playing here in northampton ma next month (i think). mascis kills those drums. he lives all over them.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

Mascis is 43. That's still early 40s.

No, it *is*.

8:36 AM  

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