Two different sides to the great hard rock movement from texas. Long known as a breeding ground for garage rock, these two bands helped turn the tide and proved influential for many more.

The Moving Sidewalks - Flash
Mostly remembered as the first output of guitarist Billy Gibbons, who would later go on to form ZZ Top, and for their anthemic garage single 99th floor; this band crystallized the transition from dirty garage rockers into more
psychedelic flair. The band opened for Hendrix as he rolled through Texas and there was a reported mutual admiration between the two guitarists. This would however, remain the band's sole LP and in the wake of its release Gibbons would veer away from the psychedelic touches to focus on the hard Texan blues that made him famous. Still this one holds quite a few notable tracks that show a transition in the southern rock temperament at the time. Definitely one worth owning.

[MP3] The Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
[MP3] The Moving Sidewalks - Flashback

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Josefus - Dead Man
Josefus, on the other hand, took the burgeoning blues sound emerging out of psychedelia, 60's early hard rock and British hard rock and fused them into a much heavier sound; effectively pushing into early Proto-Metal territory. Dead Man was the
result of a long and fraught recording process. The band had recorded many of the tracks earlier on to be released as an album called Get Off My Case but problems with management stalled its release and instead the band returned to re-record many of the songs from the first session with the additional 17 minute closer "Dead Man". They released the record themselves and while it did sell well locally, it was ultimately not enough to keep their momentum. The band recorded one follow-up later the same year for Mainstream and then disbanded. Their legacy lives on through this document and the later reissued 3-CD Dead Box.

[MP3] Josefus - Crazy Man
[MP3] Josefus - Country Boy

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First, thank you very much for abiding by my requests for heavier stuff. Both of this week's artists are really excellent. Keep em comin'

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