Sun Araw

A solo outing from one of RSTB's newfound faves, Magic Lantern turns out to be just as engaging, though not quite as ear-splittingly raucous. Lantern's guitarist Cameron Stallones has released a short press CD-r in the form of Sun Araw. Burnt sea odes to forgotten gods permeate every inch of The Phynx only further endearing me to the Lanterns' camp. Death-bed blues give way to feedback drones clouds that sweat inexorable lyrics. This one is short but leaves nothing to want with two long-form murk incantations torched with the dirtiest brand of fuzz L.A. has to offer and two shorter tracks that don't let up on your senses despite their truncated times. Again Not Not Fun strikes gold and it won't last long, this one's limited to 155 so grab one while you can.

[MP3] Sun Araw - Hive Burner

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Blogger parallelliott said...

this is rad. nnf's album art is always so great.

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