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So I thought I'd take the opportunity this week to recap a few great releases from the end of last year that got lost between the cracks. Sometimes there are just too many to sift through when they're released, you know?

I managed to hit up a few 7"s by these SanFran mainstays, but missed out on their best release of the year until recently. Description of the Harbor landed in pretty limited release from Awesome Vistas; a perfect synthesis of the band's raw desperate gutter fuzz and their wandering noise pellets. This is yet another release that should have made much more noise in 2007, so here's damn well hoping that they make a whole lot more in '08. The 12" kicks things open with the sprawling title track before quickly turning face first into the shorter bursts of sun-strangled, street corner blues that dominate much of the rest of the platter. If nothing proved the worth of Sic Alps last year it was this crust nugget, which unfortunately has pretty much disappeared in its physical form, but if you were handy with a Google search I'd say you could probably turn it up in some form or another. Get your hands on that Strawberry Guillotine 7" while it lasts and keep ears popped for more Alps in the future.

[MP3] Sic Alps - Bells (With Tremelo and Distortion)
[MP3] Sic Alps - Hey! Sophia

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that 12" will be released on cd this spring along with all their other misc. tracks on cassette and such, so i'd wait for that rather than shell out 75 bucks for that admittedly awesome lp

thanks for those tracks, though!

6:49 PM  
Blogger parallelliott said...

thanks for these

7:32 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...


Thanks much for pointing that out. I had forgotten that it would be re-released as "The Long Way Around to a Shortcut", on Animal Disguise. If you're interested, more details here: http://www.sicalps.com/news.html

9:56 PM  

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