Seems like FUZZ is the prevailing theme this week but it's not too overbearing, some Swedish pop, a Jukebox mainstay and yeah ok a whole lot of fuzz garage goodness rounding out this weeks picks.

[MP3] Pretty - Mustache In Your Face
Man I wish I had more background on this one 'cause for the record this has to have the most ridiculous lyrics of any garage track ever. Lyrics aside though its held down with a righteous dose of fuzz guitar and a swash of organ that can't be beat. "What a lie, What a lie, uh Moustache in your face!" Yeah, it gets me every time.

[MP3] SRC - Up All Night
More fuzz, this time from Michigan rockers SRC. This is much cleaner than the band's early stuff but it's got a heavy beat and bright piano line, and of course the band's trademark fuzz holding the whole thing together. Love this one!

[MP3] Instant Orange - Silent Green
Some sweet effects laden pcych from the West Coast care of Instant Orange. A pretty guttural stomper with satisfying dirty fuzz laid all over the top of it and some great early swirly ring modulation to kick it into space.

[MP3] Shocking Blue - Harley Davidson
Well it should be no secret by now that I love Shocking Blue. When the band is on they're ON, and this track is a great example of that. Killer rolling organ line and a sprightly bongo beat kick this ode to the Harley into classic territory.

[MP3] Scorpion - Hey La La La
You can always count on Sweden to bring the goods, from the 60's to the present there's just something in the water that makes good pop songs. This one's a breezy bit of pop with some production help from Kim Fowley. Can't go wrong with that?
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Blogger Nic said...

Nowt wrong wi' a bit o' fuzz. Just rediscovered your blog, and through it, several bands I'd almost forgotten about, and some completely new ones. So, thanks.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what garage rock is all about!!! Keep it going, man, it's brilliant as usual.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Pavle said...

reupload please please please!
such a great stuff! :)

12:48 PM  

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