Samara Lubelski teams up with German innovators Metabolismus to create a delicate pop masterpiece.

Metabolismis - Snowy Meadows b/w Somnia 7"
Metabolismis' skewed view of instrumental pop gets a lush infusion from the voice of Samara Lubelski and in turn the collaboration brings out the best from both parties. "Snowy Meadows" brings to mind all
the delicate imagery that the title suggests, with Samara's voice floating in wisps of chilled breath over the band's charming pop sounds. Meanwhile the b-side takes the band's instrumental qualities, which while usually interesting can sometimes be haphazard, and crafts them into bittersweet cinematic focus. Again and again, this series by The Social Registry continues to bring the best and the brightest up for their shot of double sided grandeur.

[MP3] Metabolismus -Snowy Meadows

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