You'd be hard pressed to find a lack of talent in a band that formed out of an earlier collaborative effort with Jim O'rourke, Thurston Moore and Mats Gustafsson. Add to that the fact that the members are also known collaborators with The Ex, Lightning Bolt and some of Europe's most prominent free jazz musicians and this seems pretty damned interesting... at least from where I stand. Smalltown Superjazz has put out a tortured soul of a debut from this trio and this thing is gonna melt speakers. Improvised and laid to tape, it locks in unimaginable grooves only kick out when you'd least expect it to while the musicians subject their instruments to a kind of strangulation I'd be pleased to steer clear of. Nihilistic vibes that will either make you dance or break bones and maybe a little bit of both. Terrie Ex and Massimo Pupillo flail at their instruments like men of intent but the real damage comes in the form of drummer Paal Nilssen-Love who must shop for drum heads more than he shops for groceries, punishment never sounded so good. Man it's been a while since I really got into a free-improv release but Clash kicks to the back of the skull like the best.

[MP3] Offonoff - Rabbit Punch (patience its a bit long)

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Hey there, another of your fantastically rad mixtape posts would certainly be excellent.

Peace, you're the best.

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