Adam Kriney, the mighty whallop behind La Otricina and Owl Xounds' rhythm sections, steps out from behind the drums and joins up with Clinton Wilkins to form the amorphous Dragonfrynd. D&D name aside, the duo create a serious cloud of turquoise feedback; playing deep homage to likeminded Japanese masters like Ash Ra Temple. The album breathes with all the smoke and hot ash that the namesake conjures up, lodging itself as much in American psych as it does in the Eastern drones that would befit an album title such as Smoke Ring Mandalas. Dark, foreboding vibes permeate every inch of it, spreading out like desperate lonely caves. Wilkins' guitar shimmers and drops into endless black water encompassed in the shadowy effects of Kriney's keys. This one's pretty limited (75 copies) but it's still floating around out there so act fast.

[MP3] Dragonfrynd - Of Black and Fire
[MP3] Dragonfrynd - In the Stillness That Follows Fanfares and Bombast...

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