Boredoms spit out some extras along with a fabulous live DVD of Yamakata tearing it up in style.

Boredoms - Live at SunFlancisco Bonus Disc
Ok so kind of a cheater in the Singles category but as usual the Boredoms are hard to categorize. Coming off of a DVD recording of the Boredoms live in San Francisco (or perhaps SunFlancisco), the video
was accompanied by a two track Boredoms release that's just too good not to mention. While the DVD captures the band's first ever official live recording, the bonus tracks are pure rhythmic fury unleashed as only Yamakata-EYE and co. could do it. This is credited as Yamakata's breakbeat project but it still sounds like the usual primal madman hysterics that he's perennially entrenched in. This one's a Japanese import but worth it both for the live video and the bonus disc.

[MP3] Boredoms - Relerer

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