Big Blood

More great releases from the shards of Cerberus Shoal. In addition to their involvement with Fire on Fire, husband and wife team Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella have been making some beautiful sounds as Big Blood. They've issued quite a slew of CD-r's and this, their first for Time-Lag more than lives up to the reputation that they've laid with those. Achieving a certain timelessness, the duo bounce between an exuberance that matches their Fire on Fire leanings and a homeless melancholy that feels foreign, but lost, without a country. Musically they're fairly set with just voices and guitar but the lo-fi nature of the recordings becomes a third voice, lending an indeterminate age and wafts of atmosphere to Big Blood + The Grove. Caleb and Colleen play off one another with perfect chemistry and I'm definitely keeping my ears up for more of their releases in the future.

[MP3] Big Blood - In The Light of the Moon
[MP3] Big Blood - In The Shade

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