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Bradford Cox is never one to rest on his laurels. Hell the guys got a cemented reputation with the last Deerhunter LP and is very nearly going to top it with the upcoming (and a bit superior I think) first Atlas Sound LP. Then there was talk of the Ghetto Cross project and it all gets to be too much for me to keep track of. Well on top of all that the guy is constantly throwing up tracks and EPs on his own site and at least two of these have definitely caught my ear. The 2nd virtual 7" - "Without Headlights" b/w "Middle School Instrumental" and the Orange Ohms Glow EP are both pretty solid releases (that haven't really been "released"). The latter's got some stuff that cuts the divide between Deerhunter and Atlas Sound pretty nicely; too rhythmic to really echo the AS stuff and too spacey to be DH. Anyway a nice toast of the cup to an artist who really has the spirit of giving. Check out the full versions and more at Bradford's Blog and definitely pick up a copy of the Atlas Sound record on Feb 19th below.

[MP3] Atlas Sound - Activation from Orange Ohms Glow EP
[MP3] Atlas Sound - Without Headlights from Virtual 7" #2

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Blogger parallelliott said...

nice props to atlas sound. "let the blind lead..." is my fave record thus far this year.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most prolific and generous dude in indie rock at the moment? I think so! Must be about 4-5 hours worth of free songs off that blog at this stage. And a lot of them are quite good. Great album, also.. Can't wait to hear more from him\Deerhunter.

5:47 PM  

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