Ancestors play a fitting homage to the grandfathers of metal on their debut album Neptune with Fire. Just as Sabbath knew that the greatest darkness didn't always lie in the murky waters of heavy riffs (you better believe Planet Caravan is pure Dark Matter), Ancestors know how to ease the fire back and stoke it with a spacey calmness before hitting hard once more with all the ferocity and pummel that come from a true two fisted metal assault. Though the album is only two tracks, each one side of an LP, both tracks work in movements from dark to light; showing just as much skill in the thunderous intonation of war as the spacey tones of retribution. It's been a while (since Sleep maybe) that a heavy band of this fortitude had come along and blown me away. Speaking of Sleep, the cover of Neptune with Fire was drawn by none other than Arik Roper, who's responsible for the cover of Dopesmoker and the equally impressive new Earth album The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull. Nice to see North Atlantic doing it right by putting the band's debut out on gatefold LP.

[MP3] Ancestors - Neptune With Fire (Edit) (Sorry for the sample but the album is only two tracks long)

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