Another one that slipped out last year while I wasn't looking was Afrirampo. The Japanese duo known for their killer live shows, penchant for red and frantic, frenzied, flailing rock, show some signs of mellowing. Don't despair though, they don't show too many signs. The girls' latest, Suuto Breako still retains their exuberant sense of tearing life at the seams. The pace is slower on many tracks but still they pound like excited adolescents, scream to hear their own voices and pluck at instruments with equal amounts of skill and curiosity; but this time there's a ragged structure and a tatter of texture that weave themselves into the mix. The album is supposedly one long track that's been broken down into movements for the album. I have to admit the last thing I'd ever expect from these two is a concept but here it is (though the concept continues to elude my English speaking brain). Records can never do this pair justice anyhow, if you haven't seen them live it's an experience not to be missed. Also do yourself the favor of tracking down their Tzadik release Kore Ga Mayaku Da for a great taste of the old Afrirampo.

[MP3] Afrirampo - Suuto Breakor 1
[MP3] Afrirampo - Suuto Breakor 6

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