Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno

Kawabata and the Knights of the Acid laden table once again (as if they ever stopped) lay down a furious blast of black hole thunder, this time assembling under the Cosmic Inferno masthead. The last great CI release came in the form of Starless and Bible Black but whereas that one was one long document of chaos, this latest delves into both sides of the cosmic storm. The band dabble in fits of acoustic cloud scrapings and then tear the suckers wide open (as usual) with the fury of Makoto's guitar. All in all though they maintain a nice balance between the heat and the billowing steam. Ominous From the Cosmic Inferno's tracks don't exactly steer to the short side by most band's standards but for AMT sometimes clocking in at under 20 minutes makes it a single, and quite a few are even under the 10 minute mark. The real trump for this release, aside from the sonic wonders contained therein, has to be the keen package design; mini gatefold-style package with a pop-up of the band inside, damned brilliant!! I'm not sure how limited these are but they don't exactly look like they're going to be cheap to keep around long. Pick one up while you can.

[MP3] AMT & The Cosmic Inferno - Ecstasy In Hell
[MP3] AMT & The Cosmic Inferno - Golem Rock

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