Acid Eater

Veteran Japanoise-maker Masonna returns with another project that threatens the very fabric of time and space itself. Naming the band after the last Christine 23 Onna record, this time he's taken the rollicking organs to the garage and dismantled them until they burble with fuzz and crumble from static. Seriously I'm pretty sure I'm pissing off at least 6 neighbors just to review this record. But where some noise makers are content to just blast your cranium with harshities, the underbelly of Acid Eater's Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. is a solid, sweaty-assed garage record. So the fuzz is just the frosting on the cupcake per se. He even throws in a blown out version of Christine 23 Onna's "Top of Spot," that is rendered barely recognizable, save for the organ line. This one needs volume to properly ride the torrent of spaced out garage rumble, but I'd definitely recommend leaving the headphones off. Such glorious noise, such irresistible fun!

[MP3] Acid Eater - Nothing Can Bring Me Down
[MP3] Acid Eater - Free

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