Volcano The Bear

Veteran Brit skronk warriors Volcano The Bear return on Beta-Lactum with Amidst the Noise and Twigs. Flaying every notion of noise, folk and the experimental spaces between, the band have created a seething baroque masterpiece that uses clamor as melody and melody to jar. Passages of clank and clatter give way suddenly to pint sized vignettes of pleasantries before being bruskly whisked away in the twist and fizzle of a band hard at work adjusting your sense of what really is melodic or for that matter what's really clamor. This is psychedelic folk of a distinctly non-sunburnt California variety. Just as always VTB twist the nerve of the genre until it agrees with them. Definitely check this one out.

[MP3] Volcano The Bear - Burnt Seer
[MP3] Volcano The Bear - She Vang Moon

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