Honey Owens continues to round up Portland's best and brightest to collaborate under the Valet moniker and she's no slouch herself; doing time with RSTB past faves Dark Yoga and JOMF as well as heading up Yarnlazer with Adam Forkner. Her latest record, Naked Acid blends more of her ghost dream psych noodles with an ever increasing amount of high plains incantations that threaten to tear loose and dissipate into the surrounding hills. The space blues vibe is heavy on the edges of this one but with Valet, Owens burrows these leanings back deep down into the earth. With every moment she seems about ready to let loose from the atmosphere, a fireball of barn toasted guitar snatches her back down into the dust; the push and pull of dirty etheralism washing over every inch of this album. Seems like some ears were perked up with the last Valet record and I'm damned certain that with this one quite a few more are going to be as well.

[MP3] Valet - Kehaar
[MP3] Valet - Babylon 4 Eva

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