Somewhere along the line Excepter morphed from formless post-no neck side band into this crossroads of stoner noise and freaked beat 3 a.m. dance party musak. I've still got a soft spot for KA in my heart but the new direction is nothing if not amusing.

Excepeter - Burgers b/w The Punjab 12"
The A-Side is a pure greased nonsense thumper with chipmunk vocals and a slippery bass line that makes you uneasy in the best of ways. A great track in and of itself but the b-side really comes through
with space invaders sitars and a recessed house beat. This is probably the closest I've heard the band come to real "dance-y" styles but this feeling is totally shattered by the demonic growls that start shortly after the beat. Sounds like the band's upcoming album on Paw Tracks is going to be one to watch out for indeed.

[MP3] Excepter -The Punjab

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