The psychedelic era began a great progression into the weird underbelly of music that seems so commonplace today. Many luminaries such as Captain Beefhart, Zappa, Syd Barret and Skip Spence opened doors of possibility that I remain indebted to to this day, however, these weren't the only folks strumming on the weird side of the fence.

Lucifer - Big Gun
The strange ramblings of Peter Walker, ex-member of garage one-shots the Purple Gang, give Skip Spence a run for his money in the crazy loner category. According to the liner notes the members of Lucifer gathered together in caves
to record this album somewhere in Arizona. Only problem is there was no "band", the album was recorded by Pete by himself in the UK. So perhaps Pete was just lonely and made up a few friends to ease the time. Played in a rambling, psych-blues that definitely owe a debt to Zappa and Co., though given the nature of Pete's mental state the rambling probably doesn't owe a debt to anyone but himself. This is definitely a classic of the outsider variety and contains quite a few wonderful tunes to its credit.

[MP3] Lucifer - Dance With the Devil
[MP3] Lucifer - Gonna Leave

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St. John Green - St. John Green
Well this is downright normal by comparison to Lucifer but an interesting specimen aided by one of the era's more prolific personalities. St. John Green was produced and pushed by Kim Fowley, who's mark lays all over the L.A. psychedelic
scene, from contributions to Zappa's Freak Out to composing songs for The Byrds and Soft Machine. Fowley's role often lay behind the scenes and he had a knack for bringing out greatness. He predicted a meteoric rise for St. John Green but unfortunately though this is a solid and creative album it fell by the wayside. Fowley of course soldiered on but this remains the only bit of St. John Green that remains.

[MP3] St. John Green - Canyon Women
[MP3] St. John Green - Messages From The Dead

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