Primarily remembered as the first band formed by Todd Rundgren, the Nazz' first two albums a solid reminders of great rock that fell between the cracks.

The Nazz - Nazz
Much indebted to the wave of British Music crossing in the U.S. at the time, the first Nazz album takes the British Invasion sound for a ride through the American garage. Combining the polish of pop and the
heart and soul of snot nosed garage-punks, this is the most solid incarnation of the band and the songs here prove it. This is definitely one of the albums that shows the burgeoning of American hard-rock, even if it is through a British influence filter. This is absolutely classic and if you don't have it, track this sucker down!

[MP3] The Nazz - Open My Eyes
[MP3] The Nazz - Wildwood Blues

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The Nazz - Nazz Nazz
The Nazz' follow up is no slouch of a record either. Still combining hard driving melodies with powerful guitar, this album hints at bits of glam and hard-rock to come. The band follow their successful forays into production on their first
album (they produced two songs) by producing this entire follow-up. This becomes increasingly evident in the move away from just synthesizing their influences, as they had on the first album, and into a sound of their own. This album pretty much marked the end of the band, as the follow-up was largely culled from leftovers from these sessions. And for my tastes, Todd Rundgren's solo work just didn't have the power that came along with Nazz records. Again if you don't have this one pick it up quick.

[MP3] The Nazz - Forget All About It
[MP3] The Nazz - Rain Rider

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I already own the first album, which is incredible. The second one is also really good.

Keep these posts going, they're the best

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link for Open My Eyes doesn't work.

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