Meneguar - Tone Banks 1

The boys in Meneguar have cooked up a new concept over at their own Fuck It Tapes label. They're recording and releasing the Tone Banks series of cassette releases, a peek into the creative process behind the band. The first in the series captures two sides to Menegar; the first track "Some Downs" starts fairly reminiscent of an album ready track but devolves into a sprawling jam session workout. The flip side doesn't even make an attempt to start so formally. Two songs emerge and disappear inside incomplete ideas and dissonance gouged studio sprawlings. This really splits the difference between the band's pop leanings as Meneguar and their more experimental workouts as Shepherds. The band plan to keep issuing these as sessions progress and the insider peek is nothing if not interesting. Cassette is limited to 100 and features some of the best FIT artwork yet (though they're all pretty great).

[MP3] Meneguar - Some Downs

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