Howlin' Rain

Ethan Miller and Co. take their Comets side project further with a new album and an unexpected move to American Recordings. Still mining the same laconic 70's boogie rock vibe that permeated their debut, Magnificent Fiend further washes the fiery remnants of Comets influence away from the project. Miller really lets his melodic side shine through and carries his Creedanc/ Allman torch high with working man's blues, a tumble of piano and the smoothe sheen of horns that wash the album down like domestic draft. I've gotta admit that the debut grabbed me harder with its balance of fire and melody but Magnificent Fiend is nothing if not the natural progression from that album and Miller's attention to stylistic detail makes this less derivation than pure reinvention of the gritty sound he emanates. Best news of all in addition to this album being available on wax, American and Birdman are chipping in to re-release the S/T album in all its vinyl glory, which I've been waiting for since its release.

[MP3] Howlin' Rain - Dancer At The End of Time
[MP3] Howlin' Rain - Lord Have Mercy

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Blogger Jackson J Edge said...

You are absolutely my favorite blog right now. I am fucking psyched about this album.

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