Graveyard owe a considerable nod to the ghosts of Classic Rock's past but as with many of their Swedish brethren, they've found a way to not only replicate the furiously muscular throb of the 70's blues explosion but to also impart it with the scattered ashes of folk and pscyhedelia that made the best examples of this period iconic. With a powerful vocal strain that burn with requisite tension and echoes of Blue Cheer and Flower Traveling Band fueling the constant rhythmic undercurrent, the band reign like a lost transmission picked up by odd atmospheric rifts in time. Graveyard slot themselves along a new breed Swedish heavy metal that has birthed Witchcraft and Dungen and their Self-Titled epic poses yet another argument squarely in favor of laying down albums on vinyl. This one's already out in Europe but Tee Pee records is bringing it stateside where it'll certainly find a good home nestled between Witch and The Warlocks in their roster.

[MP3] Graveyard - Thin Line
[MP3] Graveyard - Blue Soul

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wrong link for supporting the artist

although i have been meaning to buy that dead meadow album....

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