Fire on Fire

As the life of Cerberus Shoal began to wane, the members birthed a new incarnation; Fire on Fire amounts to the accoustic/homespun/downtempo version of CS give or take a member or two. This 5 song EP, the first offering from the band is being sold exclusively through their new home at Young God, which seems a perfect fit for their sound. A shock to the system if you're familiar with the Cerberus Shoal of old but not so much if you've been listening to some of the members' solo ventures of late. Gira is touting them as a "backwoods, fierce, psychedelic Mamas and Papas", which honestly isn't too incredibly far off. They may not hit the harmonies as deep as the Mamas but its a nice backporch update on the idea. Rustic overtones weave so effortlessly around each of the five songs that it seems almost unbelievable that this band ever played a dissimilar style. I'm excited to hear more from the collective and as luck has it, it looks like we may soon be able to. Young God's site boasts an upcoming album that will include none of this material. So grab this while the grabbin' is good and keep an ear to the wind for more from the band.

[MP3] Fire on Fire - My Lady Coffin

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah this one is really good. I like the back porch atmosphere of it and the collaboration with Micah Blue Smaldone works really well. Looking forward to the upcoming full album.

You may also want to give Big Blood a try if you haven't done so already. Big Blood is quite a wonderful little project of Fire on Fire members Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella. As always they’ve made their latest disc available to the Grown So Ugly blog.

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