Whew, one of the most awesomely self-descriptive band names to come out in a long time. Bonecloud's brand of shimmering drone puddles are both transparently effusive and still very tethered to a natural wave of drone. Merging deep muted rumbles with ethereal disembodied voices that lull like the blurred song of a multitude of lost souls; the collective have made a name over the course of quite a few short release CD-r's. Though that's certainly on the lighter side of things as far as Teenage Lycanthropy is concerned. Bonecloud turn their nimbus dronescapes to steam as they plunge to the Earth's core on the rumbler "Sea Cave" then jettison back into formless space to round out the whole of the disc tapping the sympathetic tone of the isosphere. Another in a long line of great releases from Ireland's Leaf Trail records and again showcasing the trademark large-form artwork collage's that make this CD-r label one to watch.

[MP3] Bonecloud - Infinite Rain Prism Pt. 2

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