Two breezy gems filled with that sunny California feeling. One a country rock hidden treasure with and interesting instrumental twist and the other a lost folk angel who's debut never really hit the big time.

Michaelangelo- One Voice Many
Though it was released in the early 70's, Michaelangelo's sole album shares much more in common with the carefree country-psych that the West Coast scene was churning out a few years earlier. Most of the songs feature the added quirk of Autoharp
used in the fashion of rhythm guitar, giving it a certain distinct flair. A very breezy afternoon type of album with little strife and a bevy of great male and female vocals. This album may have missed its window, a release a few years earlier may have pushed this into more of a classic status. Even with major label backing from Columbia this gathered dust and was shelved until its recent reissue. Definitely one that deserved to be spared a long lost fate.

[MP3] Michaelangelo - West
[MP3] Michaelangelo - Soon (We┬┤ve Kept The Room...)

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Michele - Saturn Rings
Michele O'Mally's roots lie in good company, doing time in Curt Boettcher's Ballroom, and backing up Tommy Roe and Sagittarius. And though Curt's hand is all over Saturn Rings this album became even more lost than his other projects. A
soaring folk vocal album with lush instrumentation that crosses nicely into the fringes of psychedelia and is unblushingly heartfelt. O'Mally's voice is strong and though brief, her push out of the background and into the spotlight was well warranted. However, just as with many albums of this and any other period circumstances can get the best of any performer. Luckily those with the right kind of ears always find the gems amongst the rubble, and Michele was rescued from obscurity this year.

[MP3] Michele - Fallen Angel
[MP3] Michele - Songs To The Magic Frog

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

MICHAELANGELO IS FANTASTIC!!! I've just placed an order for the album, it's so amazing. Great lyrics, melodic guitars, a pungent and dexterous bass, steady beat. Has a much more 60's feel than early 70s. Please post more of this kind of stuff.

Michele is nice too, but is kind of overshadowed by Michaelangelo

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