Now you can't throw a stone without hitting 16 groups that'll claim a Beatles influence today, but in the early '70s the Beatles pop hangover was slung around the necks of many bands who pursued the style with interesting results.

Octopus - Restless Night
With more than their fair share of nods to the Fab Four, Octopus was a standout amongst bands perpetuating the style in the early '70's and with the exception of maybe Badfinger, few were doing it
better. Nestled sweetly between the looming cloud of psychedelia that was leftover from the late '60s and the oncoming onslaught of prog, this record dabbles much more in melody than complexity and is all the better for not getting sucked too far into the coming trends of the period. Why the band didn't get the attention they surely deserved, I can't say but Essex records has thankfully rescued it from total obscurity with a much deserved reissue.

[MP3] Octopus - The River
[MP3] Octopus - Summer

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Truck - Surprise Surprise
It seems that no corner of the globe could escape the cultural thunderclap of the Beatles, turning up interesting results in locales as obscure as Malaysia. Truck's sole album is a melodic pop concoction with strikingly clear production and
English vocals. This easily could have passed for a band from the states if you didn't know better. The band do seem to delve into an emerging use of keyboards, having been released in '74 but the "modern" edge doesn't distract from what is at its core a wonderfully melodic and lush album.

[MP3] Truck - Surprise Surprise
[MP3] Truck - One Fine Day

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post, as usual. But I don't think any group escaped the Beatles' influence. Even the Sex Pistols, who claimed to hate them, definitely had some Beatlesque sounds about them.

But Badfinger and Big Star were the most wannabe Beatles ever though. Great stuff, but I wouldn't have been surprised if Paul McCartney had been whispering in their ears while they were writing the songs.

It's been a while since we had some heavy stuff. Can we have some next week as a Christmas gift?

7:03 PM  

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