More great debris from times lost to the psychedelic ether. A heavy dose of pop-psych up on the jukebox today, showing that everybody was dipping their toes into the hazy waters at some time or another.

[MP3] H.P. Lovecraft - Mobius Trip
A languid folk-prog styled psych romp from the band's second album. Keys bubble and rock underneath the dual harmony vocals and strident folk strum that was one of the band's touchstones. A nice use of vocal effects that don't cross over into the cheesy psych territory.

[MP3] Les Baroques - Love Is The Sun
Echo-y vocals and light pop touches mar this ode to love and sunshine, with a faint West Coast flair. A nice bit of pop silliness that dabbles in the late 60's trappings of psychedelia.

[MP3] Kim Fowley - Strangers From the Sky
This track is totally an example of psychsploitation. Though Fowley was friends with the Mothers of Invention and later became a successful 60's producer, this one off psych track was borderline ridiculous. Touching on themes of space exploration it wanders off into some crazy spoken word passages and has some heavy heavy use of needless effects, but its entertaining for its camp value alone.

[MP3] Meic Stevens - Y Brawd Houdini
Stevens is often considered the Welsh language Dylan or Syd Barrett and though those two songwriters don't always meet common ground, Stevens really could reside right in the middle of the two styles. It's easy to see why Stevens is loved by artists such as Gruff Rhys, simple harmonies and sing-a-long catchiness (if you know Welsh I guess) pervade his music. This is so much fun it borders on children's music, but stays just shy of any tweeness that would kill the vibe.

[MP3] The Next Exit - Break Away
A vocal heavy dose of pop-psych with driving rhythm and some nicely placed effects on the chorus. A swing of organ flows through the track, stabbing nicely over the tumbling bass. A great song about leaving family behind.
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posted by dissensous at 10:23:00 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantabulous, as usual. There seems to be an endless supply of awesomeness emanating from this period in music.

But I still hold that the heavier stuff is so spirited and wild that it beats everything else. Except for that band from last week, michaelangelo.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the music of Meic Stevens and that song has been buzzing around my head all morning, it's so catchy.


4:32 AM  
Blogger Pete Birch said...

Great Jukebox as usual, esp Meic Stevens thankyou.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these GREAT psychobrains !
Best from the outer side of the world,


7:10 AM  

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