It seems strange to pop on a Growing album and not feel a solid wave of bass hit me, rumbling the floorboards and generally annoying every neighbor that borders my apartment. Instead it looks like the band is mining similar creative territory as Black Dice's latest, all buzz and warbles with an emphasis on knob twiddled touches and distorted loops. The move to The Social Registry may have given the band a new creative lease as they release both this mini-album, Lateral in February and contribute a 7" to the label's excellent Social Club series. Whatever the reason for the change in dynamics its produced some interesting, if brief results. The 'mini-album' certainly clocks in as some of the shorter Growing songs but steeped in stuttered electrics and a bit of atmospheric shimmer the short tracks really leave you wanting more from the band.

[MP3] Growing - Swell

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (Out February 19th)
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