Boris with Merzbow

Boris take the Japanese master of static on tour and prove that live they can crush your brain just as, if not more easily. Rock Dream scoops up a healthy run of new Boris favorites and even stretches back a bit to some older favorites from the Akuma No Uta era. The band tear through quite a few from Pink(including many from the vinyl versions) and even include some of their fine split with Michio Kurihara, though disappointingly they include neither "Walrus" nor "Groon" from their recent split with Merzbow despite him being included in the tour. Though the fuzz wrangler is not entirely superfluous, he does lend some nice electronic wizardry on a few tracks, notably some of the live excursions that tip the clock in the ludicrously long direction. The lengthy jams are laudatory, but its actually much of the material from Pink and the inclusion of "Ibitsu" from Akuma No Uta that really show the band having fun and make this an essential release. The double disc collection is limited to 5000 worldwide and hand numbered and there's certainly no skimpin' on the die cut packaging so If I were you, I'd pick one up soon.

[MP3] Boris with Merzbow - Woman on the Screen (live)
[MP3] Boris with Merzbow - Ibitsu (live)

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