Another great release from Tim Hurley's Leaf Trail records. This is rapidly becoming one of the most intriguing outlets around. Sporting large artwork doctored by Hurley himself and featuring L.A.'s (VxPxC). Hurley gathered together a few older tracks by the band, reprocessed them through the "tape machine of death" The band's own Tim Goodwillie collected together some older tracks, reworked and reprocessed them and the result is a vibrating cloud of drone foam that darkens the horizon. The billowy forms on this one are so warm they'll suck you down like a quicksand hot tub, but the less you fight the pull the better this one gets. This is by far the headphone record of the year, rendering your brain molten in it's path. Alternating between the low earth rumble of electronic manipulations and calm doomy guitar, and the trio's work is aptly displayed in this context. The last track is a bit of a departure though and adds some interesting bounce on the way out. Suppose it can't be dark all the time. "Love Falls" acts as a bit of an eerily cheery credit roll to the smoldering volcano footage that the rest of the album brings to mind.

[MP3] (VxPxC) - Later Than You Think

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You got your Tims confused, There was no "tape machine of death" involved. There were multiple "tape machines of burning love", all massaged at variable speeds by Tim Goodwillie of (VxPxC).+

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