Sure pop-sike can land just this side of cheesy but when it was done right it left just as many great tracks as any other side of psychedelia. Of course just because it was more palatable doesn't mean that people were immediately receptive at the time. These bands often suffered just the same fate as other tragedies of the nuggets generation. So here's some great pop-sike, perfect for Sunday Mornings.

Piccadilly Line - The Huge World of Emily Small
Piccadilly Line falls right around the same territory as The Free Design, but without the soaring sibling harmonies. The psych qualities are subtle and the album can run just this side of twee but it's breezy
melodies and lush instrumentation make it a particularly enjoyable bit of pop-sike. Relying on a fair share of classical instruments that add a touch of somber tones to the edges of these tunes, Piccadilly Line like so many never really soared up the charts. However now in a complete reissue this is a great album to lay about and pass the morning away with.
[MP3] Piccadilly Line - Gone Gone Gone
[MP3] Piccadilly Line - Emily Small

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Wendy and Bonnie - Genesis
This album is truly a lost classic resurrected. The album, written by sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower when they were 17 and 13 respectively is comparable to some of the best of the softer side of psych from the era. The sisters had
worked previously with a harder group called Crystal Fountain which put them to the attention of Skye records. Genesis is a sparse and often melancholy bit of jazzy paisley pop that takes full advantage of the way siblings vocals intertwine. Backed by some superb session musicians who support but never overplay the girls sour-sweet vocals, Genesis was doomed from the time that its label Skye folded soon after its completion. Thankfully Sundazed has rescued this one from obscurity.

[MP3] Wendy and Bonnie - It's What's Really Happening
[MP3] Wendy and Bonnie - Let Yourself Go Another Time

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impressive spelling of "sike". However, I still think that the poppy side of psych is equalled and surpassed by later bands. But the heavy garage rockers of the 60's have a charm that no era has yet rivaled.

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