Shooting Spires

The side project of Parts and Labor's BJ Warsaw, Shooting Spires shares much common ground with Warsaw's past. Noisy pop clamor abounds on Shooting Spires but where P&L root there sound in a cross between blistering spazz punk and noise, this feels more rooted in the early days of noise-pop. This is a true bedroom fuzz bucket of an album. Slower and more telling than his past outputs, but in keeping true to his nature Warsaw doesn't let the cliché of the singer songwriter solo project creep into view. Instead Warsaw does what he does best, lays the distortion on thick, sounding like he's permanently duct taped a busted megaphone to his face and his Casio may have come without all the required resistors. Warsaw has cited Here Come The Warm Jets as a huge influence on the album and its not a far mark as a touchstone. His skewed pop and love of knob twiddling fall on pretty common ground with Eno at the time. This is another in a line of pop bands brandishing noise as a production tool and melding it with overtly melodic pop; a trend that I encourage heartily. Out now on Carboard records home to great albums by Pterodactyl and Gowns.

[MP3] Shooting Spires - Right
[MP3] Shooting Spires - Silent Alarms

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