Tim Hurley, the elusive Irishman behind Quetzolcoatl has crafted a somber ghost moan in the form of Living on Leaf Trail. Living plays like forgotten memories of piano melodies projected against a grainy screen. Just as the gentle plunk of keys begins to take shape a dusty jolt of deterioration wipes it away; A dream of a dream that never seems to get any sharper. With each passing minute the lack of familiarity becomes more disconcerting until the point that the fuzzy ambience and shiftless ambiguity envelop you; comforting you until you're left floating in a vibrating mass of tones and soft light. In reality, just as they sound, the tapes making up Living are a sort of twisted memory. The original recordings were channeled through damaged speakers and mixed with Hurley's voice and other odd trimmings to create the end result. The Irish label Leaf Trail, though a bit new already has quite an impressive catalog growing under its belt. Looking forward to what things may stumble out of that camp in the future.

[MP3] Quetzolcoatl - 7 - [Untitled]
[MP3] Quetzolcoatl - 10 - [Untitled]

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