Pocahaunted/ Robedoor

The sky over L.A. just got a bit more menacing as two of the city's finest black holes of doom laden drone birthed this near perfect split/ collaboration. Robedoor have been in bed with so many acts lately they should be blushing or at least getting tested, notable releases with Haunted Castle, Hive Mind, Yellow Swans and Hauntings are already garnering praise this year. Pocahaunted are no slouches either, their collab with Mythical Beast won RSTB over in their favor already this year but it's this release that seems the perfect pinnacle this year for both parties. Members of both bands are married and run the label Not Not Fun, share a practice space and generally ride the same dark, haunted vibration. Robedoor's tracks here are furious blood odes to the cracked earth. Dark doesn't even begin to cover the black hole feeling of air rushing out of your lungs that each pummeling track sets off. Though it should be noted that "Ancestress Moon," is an odd exception, but somehow the lightness seems even more sinister coming from them. Pocahaunted don't sever your spine quite as harshly, but their doomed siren songs crush more than their fair share of sailors on the rocks. Amanda and Bethany's tortured wails are equaled only by the scream of electronics that they flay and squeeze down hollow canyon walls to a microphone. Finally the album culminates in the collaboration that shares the album's namesake, "Hunted Gathering" and the two worlds collide like a slow death. The drones turn dark and heat up the fury of the howled vocals; the track spirals slowly and mournfully into a creep towards agony and then dissipates leaving you wanting more even after the 16 minute mark.

[MP3] Pocahaunted - Warmest Knives
[MP3] Robedoor - Razed Terrain

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