Olafur Arnalds

For someone who's only 20 years old, Olafur Arnalds is able to imbue his music with an emotional depth that would befit a lifetime of sadness and loss. As another testament to the fact that Iceland's greatest export is beautifully emotive music, Arnalds' Eulogy for Evolution stands in equal measure along side many of the country's most heralded artists. Aside from the title the album offers little context for the depth of grief and harrowing sadness that Arnalds' music evokes. The track names appear to be random sequences of numbers and the artwork is just a patchwork of colors and a natural images. Though in light of the title Arnalds plays as if he is eulogizing; as if each stroke of the keys will sum up a portion of life lost. Delicate in countenance but strong under the surface; Eulogy shows grief with the restraint of a single tear. This is the stone-faced search into the clouds for resolution, for reason, for peace of mind. The surface breaks down into outcry only briefly in the final track before recapturing its composure and receding into the light. If this is just the start of what Arnalds has to offer then I am quite eager to see what paths he leads us down.

[MP3] Olafur Arnalds - 0040
[MP3] Olafur Arnalds - 0952

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