The Great Pop Supplement serves up a perfect split between Wooden Wand and Hush Arbors. As usual, fine entries from all involved.

Wooden Wand/ Hush Arbors - Swappin' 7"
The tongue in cheek title of "Swappin" is accentuated by the cover images of James and Keith each posing for a picture with each other's better halvesand the quality
in concept leaves no lacking in content. Both songs showcase the performers at their collective best. Toth tosses up an outtake from the "Second Attention" sessions and it bears every mark of the sound of that album. Wood, on the flip gives a tender bit of Hush Arbors that doesn't always make it through the haze of his recordings. A very lucid yet interesting nugget of a track.

[MP3] Hush Arbors -Light

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