The first release from NJ fuzz-popsters Titus Andronicus out on Shake Appeal really captures the band's live performance. Next up a move to Troubleman and hope for a full length.

Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus 7"
Titus' delivery shows their age, most of the band members are barely in college but wearing their cathartic youth on their collective sleeves is exactly what works about them. Anyone who's ever seen the band
play knows that shows are the definition of release. Things are broken; fists pump like you were 16 and even by NY standards people move. This 7" is fuzzy and they could stand to find some fidelity on record but in essence this is who the band is; imperfect, rambunctious and spot on catchy as hell. Watch for their latest 7" as well, just out on their new home, Troubleman.

[MP3] Titus Andronicus -Titus Andronicus

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