Fantastic Magic

Once again I sadly reside on the wrong coast to soak up enough of the wooded communal vibes that are coming out of the West. But thanks to great pop up labels like Abandon Ship I can experience the gleeful oddities second hand. Fantastic Magic capture the intimacy of a twilight campfire sing-a-long dubbed down to cassette on their frightfully scant offering Witch Choir. The group swing from soaring folk harmonies to wild buzzing noise raids but both forms keep the tone celebratory. Picking up bits and pieces of the forefront of folk (dashes of Banhart's warble/ flashes of Animal Collective's group harmonies) these pigeon holes are ultimately too easy and too lazy to really assert the free flow that Fantastic Magic have laid down here. Though there are distinct songs the sides flow like murky dream sequences in which you recognize the faces but your tongue is too thick to begin to form the names. This cassette is frayed just the way should be, blissfully ramshackle and coolly disheveled. I can't wait to hear what the band could do with a little more room to breathe.

[MP3] Fantastic Magic - Flowerbeds
[MP3] Fantastic Magic - I've Covered the Halls, With Glitter and Awe

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