Daniel Higgs

Higgs returns to Holy Mountain in what seems to be a very prolific year for him. As a follow up to both his previous HM album and his contribution to Thrill Jockey's book series, Metempsychotic Melodies proves that Higgs has plenty more frayed gems to shell out on the world. The album is still packed full of Higgs' ragged charm and though it's less frantic than Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot its sparse loneliness and mixture of raga aethstetic with back country delivery makes this no less entrancing. Once Higgs' vocals kick in you are without hesitation drawn to listen. He has psychotic urgency that compels as much as it unnerves; endears as much as it frightens. I'm quickly becoming a great fan of Higgs' post Lungfish career as lunatic minstrel. The world could use quite a few more.

[MP3] Daniel Higgs - All Cherished Things

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