Black Vatican

Fidelity is of no concern to Black Vatican. Fuzz is a weapon, tape heads have been ground down to dust and tinny drums pound in the background. All of this, however not only gives Zed Omega its charm it makes it totally unique. The Dubuque duo create some post-apocalyptic scrapyard pop that sounds more like a wild commune stumbled upon the wreckage of bedroom recording studio than any Mad Max desert brawler action. Playing in rudimentary fashion but knowingly messing with the ideas of pop, the album screams with a youthful reaction to boredom and small town isolation. Rolling soul vocals, scrambled punk and distorted Krautrock through the meat grinder and down onto a limited cassette for your enjoyment. Without a doubt the best blown speaker scuzz nugget outta Iowa this year.

[MP3] Black Vatican - Born To Live Life
[MP3] Black Vatican - Touch Teacher

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