Barn Owl

Another great record seeps its way out of San Francisco. Barn Owl fuse the folk traditions of the bay area with desolate touches of high plains lonesome night blues that moan to the clouds. Bridge to the Clouds shares much in common with the natural tremor that envelops Brightblack Morning Light; though Barn Owl forgo any organ romps, instead trading in haunted vocal incantations and spidery six strings above a storm of howl and the ghosts of spaghetti westerns set in forgotten cities. Barn Owl have definitely followed a different shaman on this one, deep into the burnt crust of desert wasteland only to bring the spirit of the coast with them. Dark nights and beautiful mornings that culminate more in awareness than bitterness. This record traverses both sides of the soul; exposing the ink black center and then wrapping it back up in a film of tender humanity.

[MP3] Barn Owl - Absent Afternoon
[MP3] Barn Owl - She Swims in the Clouds

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Blogger Lawdrone said...

Longtime listener, first time poster. You consistently bring out terrific, un-heralded music, and this post is no exception. I heard about these guys months ago from a friend but found out their cd wasn't in print. Thankfully it's back in print and I'm glad to see you give these guys some love. From eerie-scary noise to soft strum, Barn Owl covers a big span of the freakier scene. And all eight tracks are worth getting. Plus, the label is pretty generous with the extras.

6:35 PM  

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