If you told me that Witchcraft's album The Alchemist was recorded in 1974 I probably wouldn't think you were lying. The Swedish band's latest album is heavy, proggy and dark in the best of terms; building off of a heady base of Black Sabbath but interjecting some lighter moments that recall Pentagram's knotty acoustics. On top of this the band splice some truly prog-worthy organ riffs that along with a bit of the lyrical content steer just this side of cheesy. However, it's all a great homage and done with keen attention to detail. Witchcraft aren't so much deriving from these other bands as they are living out of time. This is metal the way it was before Northern Europe went to Black Metal, the way American and British bands used to play before over the top production and too much testosterone filled the genre. Witchcraft may not be saving metal but they've definitely taken a step back toward the heyday of rock.

[MP3] Witchcraft - If Crimson Was Your Colour
[MP3] Witchcraft - Remembered

Support the artist. Buy it HERE Search for "The Alchemist" (unfortunately they're out of the Japanese Import version though.)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a kick ass band! First track sounds like Sabbath met up with Jon Lord and jammed.

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