Tom Brosseau

Another rift in time from Tom Brosseau, who in terms of sheer weight of songwriting and powerfully unmodern approach I always feel is a real kindred spirit to Jolie Holland and Marissa Nadler. His latest album Cavalier keeps up his tradition of masking a bit of a dark side under angelic delivery and blond locks. Recorded with the help of John Parish, whose influence really can't be felt all that much on this album as its nothing if not sparse but in the most beguiling of terms. This welcome lack of production keeps the focus where it deserves to be, on Tom's voice and his solemnly plucked guitar. I had the pleasure of seeing him live not too long ago and though he was visibly shy and a bit nervous, the charm and ease of his songs come seeping out the walls while he sings. A wonderful performer if you get the chance.

[MP3] Tom Brosseau - Committed To Memory
[MP3] Tom Brosseau - I Want To Make This Moment Last

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