Sunburned Circle

The next hallowed collaboration was born when American ambassadors of skronk Sunburned Hand of the Man toured Europe and ended up in the same room as the leaders of the NWOFHM (New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal), Circle; though this seems to lean towards Circle's ambient kraut-frequencies of late rather than anything that could be called metal. The improvised session was cut down to 40-minutes to keep your head from exploding from the sonic tension that permeated the set. Free kraut weirdness flows into dark atmospherics and sinister noodles with a nice dose of Finnish incantations that chill the blood. The Blaze Game as with the AMGG collaboration in no way sounds like this is the first time these two have played together, which still makes it all the more impressive that it is. Sunburned's pulse sets fire to Circle's icy atmosphere and the results couldn't have worked out more perfect. The disc is out on Conspiracy Records home to The Skull Defects and Growing.

[MP3] Sunburned Circle - Vuoren Valloitus
[MP3] Sunburned Circle - Yksi Hirvi, Miljoona Metsastajaa

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (Multiple colors of vinyl!)
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