Six Organs of Admittance

Another fine platter of hushed fuzz and splintered frets from Ben Chasney's mainstay, Six Organs of Admittance. Still channeling the dark lonesome spirits of some wooded acre, Chasney lays the vibes down heavy on Shelter from the Ash, a release that contrary to the title feels less easy than "shelter" might suggest. Heavy overtones of darkness and, if not fear certainly not calm pervade this album but maybe that's the point, its only a respite from the ongoing struggle and not permanent relief. Gentle strums and plucks give way to fuzzed electrics and atmospherics raging with wind and white noise. Definitely an album in tune with much that Chasney has issued under his Six Organs persona, but with a much more turbulent undercurrent than he's touched on in the past. Shelter is a fine album that stands as striking in the face of some disappointment with other frontrunners of the folk circle this year.

[MP3] Six Organs of Admittance - Goddess Atonement
[MP3] Six Organs of Admittance - Shelter From The Ash

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