Here's a team up that seems just perfect, the Woods/Meneguar contingent has hooked up with members of the Vanishing Voice to create the free-kraut-uber-jam document Loco Hills. Shepherds began with members of both camps floating in and out of realeases but mainly centered around Jeremy Earl (Woods/Meneguar) and G. Lucas Crane (Non-Horse/Vanishing Voice). Expanding to a four piece and roping in Jarvis Taveniere (Meneguar, The Vanishing Voice) and Christian DeRoeck (Woods, Meneguar) the fellas capture a krautrock space journey of a live-to-tape jam session that spans the gamut from formless noise to high fueled propulsive groove nuggets. The disc is limited to 500 and so far only apparently available abroad. Check out Release the Bats for more info and the highly (ok well sorta) amusing video for "Revenge."

[MP3] Shepherds - Revenge

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