Now admittedly I've never really been into dubstep. I work with a guy who's always trying to sell me on it but up to now I just haven't seen the merit. It seems that tomorrow I have to tell Joe that, "Yes perhaps there is something to this after all."

Snares (Venetian Snares) - Sabbath Dubs 10"
Maybe the reason I never dug dubstep was because, until now no one had decided to make a doomed out dub version of Black Sabbath. Skewing away from their glitch laden catalog, Venetian Snares (here just
listed as Snares) take Black Sabbath to the dub plate and the results are nothing short of amazing. Slowing the tempo and upping Sabbath's already naturally heavy bass sound, then squeezing Ozzy through about 10 layers of reverb, brilliant. This project winds up much more than any hacked remix could have offered. This is subliminal Sabbath.

[MP3] Snares -Electric Funeral

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